Our Services

EventEYE is a one-stop service provider for academic conferences globally.

Software Services

EventEYE has major modules, including conference registration, hotel booking, online payment collection, on-site sign-in, web site construction and conference broadcast. It provides online and offline software technical support for all sessions of the academic conference.

Conference Services

EventEYE offers standard conference services to manage the conference process and reduce operational costs while ensuring quality. The number of attendees, participant fees and conference services are all mapped into the account service.


1. Our account service pricing is based on the total number of participants/authors.

2. The conference service process is standardized, open and transparent, which will help you to hold a successful conference.

3. We ensure procurement transparency, avoid intermediary costs and reduce overall cost.

Service Content

Before Conferences On Conference Dates After Conference

1) Assist client in formulating meeting plan;

2) Provide professional conference consultation service for client;

3) Assist client in formulating meeting budget;

4) Assist in signing hotels, venues, food and beverage contracts;

5) Give technical support to client in the review and approval process;

6) Provide participants customer service;

7) Provide VIP transport and hotel booking services;

8) Arrange travel service if client requires in select countries;

9) Provide data package ( conference package, chest card design and printing )

10) Venue layout.

1) VIP transfer

2) VIP hotel arrangement

3) Participants hotel arrangement

4) Venue layout and coordination

5) Food and beverage arrangements

6) Sign in and reception for participants

7) Invoice management

1) Settle expenses with third service parties such as hotels

2) Express invoice

3) Conference data collation

Service Fees

Our service fee is based on the count of participants/authors making the entire process transparent and affordable

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Financial Services

EventEYE provides safe, legal and convenient financial collection, payment and settlement services for society, university and researchers to deal with the academic conference financial problem.

Services offered

1. Money collection

1) We Support Online banking, international credit cards, Alipay, WeChat. We keep adding new methods of collection to keep inline with the global transaction methods

2) Support cash receipts;

3) Our online payment gateway supports 13 currencies.

2. Invoice/tax issues

Based on the national laws and tax requirements of each country we help organizers to provide invoice accordingly. Organizers however need to cover the tax fees.

3. Payment and settlement

Each payment must be authorized by the conference finance chairman. Within 10 working days after the meeting, the financial settlement of the conference shall be completed and the balance shall be transferred to organizers confirmed account.

4. Financial security

Conference financial head will manage the entire revenue and expenditure. Using our system the financial head can provide statement of accounts at regular intervals and keep all the financial vouchers.

Service fee

We charge a nominal service fee at 2.5% of the total revenue. However all taxes, bank charges and other fees payable has to be borne by the organizer

Publishing Services

EventEYE has a wealth publishing resources to create high level of publishing opportunities for conferences, which will improve the conference academic value. Our services include

1. Journal publishing

We Connect high-level journals, create special issues and regular issue publishing opportunities and Coordinate with you for the entire publishing process.

2. Proceedings publishing

We enable you to connect with high-level publishing houses to provide proceedings publishing opportunities. We also can help you get ISBN number / CNKI and publish your proceeding independently.

3. Similarity / Plagiarism check service

We can provide you at a small fee internationally renowned similarity check / plagiarism check tools to evaluate articles and hence maintain high academic ethics